Hair Loss Light Therapy & Diet Plan

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What diet to maintain during LLLT therapy for hair loss? What to eat and what to avoid? People want to know the best and satisfying answers to the question.

Therefore, the article is pointing to a complete diet plan that you can follow during LLLT to get the most out of it. For more information about laser therapy for hair loss visit

The cold therapy program may last up to 6 months. Along with regular clinic visits for light therapy, the candidate has to follow a diet plan.

Hair experts provide a diet chart that describes the food that almost doubles the benefits of cold therapy.

The diet plan for women and men is almost the same. The hair is comprised mostly of protein. So, it is advised to have a diet rich in protein.

Food to Add


A well-recommended diet includes oats, yogurt, chicken breast, almonds, and egg white. According to studies, soy protein strengthens hair and incites its growth. So, tofu and soy milk are excellent references of soy protein. Apart from this, the plan includes low-fat cheese, fish, and beans.


Another important nutrient for good hair growth and healthy hair is silica. It slows hair loss. You can use silica-rich shampoo to prevent baldness and stimulate growth. It adds shine and strength to hair.

The good source of silica is the outer covering of potatoes, cucumber, and peppers (both green and red). Bean sprouts are also rich in silica.

Vitamin E

It is also important for the growth of your strands. Eat nuts, avocado, seeds, and olive oil on a regular basis to fulfill the need of Vitamin E.