Good Quality Camping Cots

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There is no doubt about it that camping is a great way to have an excursion, but sleeping on the rocks, weeds and sticks won’t look good. The camping sector offers several varieties of camping cots that make any camping trip enjoyable. You can get good quality gas masks by visiting

You should try to find lightweight cots that fold down easily and squeeze into any car. You should read online opinions regarding the design you're considering. If you get a type which has padding on the sleeping floor then it would be an additional plus point. You should check the workmanship of camp cots for premium quality components.

Camping cots are of two types:

  • End Bar construction
  • No End Bar construction

End Bar construction cots are the ones that make "Xs" on the ends. They are ideal for providing full support to your body and are quite secure.

No end bar construction has essentially four rectangular bars spaced equally along the cot. These are inclined to be geared for decks and houses. Their principal advantage for tent camping is the rectangular bars do not have sharp ends. This implies that they are restricted to cut a hole in your tent floor.

Practically all cots are made of a polyester cloth. This is very good because they could persist for a long time and are typically water resistant. The frame of the cots will be produced from a mixture of steel and aluminum or either aluminum.