Get Some Help From Outlook Contact Manager

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Outlook Contact Manager is a fast and efficient way to manage all your contacts and manage appointments with these people. 

For most people Outlook is just to send and receive email, but once you get the hang of the Contact Manager, you can really update contacts.

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The most recent versions of Outlook contain a number of useful features that are intended for functions related to the company, but can also be used to help streamline your personal life. Here are some useful features that might interest you if you decide to use Outlook to manage some of the important aspects of your professional and personal life.

You can consolidate your customer information. When you are able to put the details of everyone you know in one place. It stores not only their name and email address as well as phone numbers, addresses, web addresses, and appointments you have with them. 

Outlook has the ability to link and track all communications that have been sent and received. You can follow conversations and keep track of all the details that were discussed. 

The messages can be associated with your contact information so you can easily find the information by looking at the details.

Sharing contact information is as easy as sending directly across to people. It works as a business card that gets given to a colleague or a prospective client. Once they have your information on the disk, cross selling is a possibility for a sample organization. 

The software can be synchronized with other Windows applications like Sharepoint and Windows Live. If you happen to use the service and you need to get hold of someone using this program, their details are made available to you once you've done the synchronization.