Garden Pond Pumps – Types Of Pond Pumps

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Many pond keepers find useful information online about fish pond pump. There are many useful sites online that can guide you in buying the right pond pump for your garden.

Pumps are available in various types. Having a pump is required for maintenance. Each type of pump has unique applications and features. You can also buy top choice pumps online.

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1. Magnetic Drive pumps – This is the most common. It uses electromagnetism to rotate the impeller and force out the water. It is an efficient system that can save a lot of energy.

2. Direct drive – This is very good for a larger head height; using an electric motor that converts the pump impeller with a drive shaft. These pumps use more electricity and you also need to lubricate with oil.

3. Submersible Pumps – These pumps can be placed into the pool; this is required to ensure that the pump will not overheat because it will run for twenty-four hours.

4. External pump – this is very good for a high head pressure and rate of flow; it require less maintenance but more difficult to install; this is a bit noisy and you also have to protect when there is a power outage.

It is a different type of pond pump that you can use for your garden pond. Try to compare a good side and a bad side so you can choose the ideal fish pond pump that can meet your needs.