Factors affecting capital investment

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Investment decisions require special attention because of the following reasons: 

  • They influence the firm’s growth in the long run
  • They affect the risk of the firm
  • They involve commitment of large amount of funds

Factors affecting Capital Investment:


A firm’s decision to invest in long term assets has decisive influence on the rate and direction of its growth. If you want to acquire knowledge and experience regarding tactical investing techniques and terms then you can get inspired from top 1 advisory, one of the leading business program in terms of capital investment.

A wrong decision can prove disastrous for the continued survival of the firm; unwanted or unprofitable expansion of assets will result in heavy operating costs to the firm. On the other hand inadequate investment in assets would make it difficult for the firm to compete successfully and maintain its market share.


A long-term commitment of funds may also change the risk complexity of the firm. If the adoption of an investment increases average gain but causes frequent fluctuations in its earnings, the firm will become more risky. Thus, investment decisions shape the basic character of a firm.