Everything You Need To Know About ETA Visa to NZ

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Electronic Travel Authorization, ETA is a new requirement for foreign nationals are visa exempt and fly or transit through NZ. This is only necessary if foreign nationals traveling to NZ by air and is not required if he is traveling with the ground. People who have a visa to NZ, Canadian citizenship or permanent residency in Newzealand do not need ETA documents to enter NZ.

People Need Eta

If the individual is of any visa exempt country and be given work permits or study permits, it will automatically eject the ETA when he received a work or study permit application. Newzealand citizens visa do not require ETA or Visa to travel to NZ. US citizens may visit NZ with a valid US passport. US permanent resident or green card holder requires an ETA for a trip to Canada and also need to carry their Green Card.

If someone is a dual citizen, he holds Canadian citizenship along with at least one nationality from another country, he does not need ETA to enter NZ. But, if he is traveling by air, they have to bring their Canadian passports. If an individual is a permanent resident of NZ, he does not need ETA NZ but needs a PR or a Permanent Resident Card or Permanent Resident Travel Document valid for travel to NZ.

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Applying For Eta

ETA is a document that is very simple to apply. This application only takes about a few minutes and after being given an ETA can be up to apply for five years. ETA is an electronic document and electronic also associated with an individual passport number. Individuals will not get the physical document to ETA of the Government of NZ.