Drop Shipping With Worldwide Brands in 2018

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Worldwide Brands is an established directory of certified suppliers (read this Worldwide Brands review for more in depth information about what WWB offers and a $50 discount) and it's been around since 1999.  So how does it fit in amongst the e-commerce boom that's been started by Shopify and sites like Ali Express in recent years?

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a directory of certified drop-shippers and wholesalers.  There are about 8,340 of them as of May 2018 and from these about 16 million products are available to buy at wholesale prices.

What makes Worldwide Brands easy to use is the fact that all of these suppliers and products are in one place – a searchable directory that your competitors may not have access to.

Shopify, Oberlo and Ali Express

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that makes setting up an online store easy and fast.  It comes with a lot of tools, like integrated payment processing, and there are extra apps that you can add on as well – like Oberlo.

Oberlo integrates directly with Ali Express, and allows you to import products (including images, descriptions, etc.) directly to your store in seconds.  The fulfilment part is almost entirely automated too, even sending updates to your customers about their packages while in transit.

Worldwide Brands does not integrate with Shopify at all though – and this makes it more 'manual' to set up your store with suppliers from Worldwide Brands.  However, you may find products are cheaper and shipped faster through the US based suppliers listed in Worldwide Brands, so there are both costs and benefits of using it in 2018.