Do Talc Product Cause Cancer?

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For decades, many people have included talcum powder products into their daily plan for personal use.

Johnson and & Johnson have dominated the market with their distinctive baby powders, shower gels, and other talc powder products that are used to absorb excess moisture in the body, prevent odors, and reduce friction between body parts to prevent combing.

But more and more cases, cases and talcum powder cancer lawsuit in the last 40 years have shown a direct relationship between the use of powder, and the development of mesothelioma and ovarian cancer.

A study published in 1971 went even further by identifying talcum particles in ovarian and cervical tumors that were found in patients who regularly used Johnson & Johnson talcum powder.

Another study claims that Johnson & Johnson did little to protect workers from asbestos-contaminated talc in its talc mine. The company has rejected all claims, but lawsuits still exist.

Despite the evidence, Johnson & Johnson continues to defend its decision not to give a warning on its powder product label. Johnson & Johnson has filed more than 9,000 lawsuits for not warning customers until July 2018.

When consumer products such as powder cause injury or illness due to the manufacturer's inability to warn of dangerous side effects from their products, those affected can often receive monetary compensation by suing the product or parties responsible for the product.