Different Types Of Mascaras Explained

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The market is filled with cosmetic manufacturers which are bringing latest range of cosmetics for potential customers. Mascara is one such element which is worn by almost every woman. The most common lashes are the one which are waterproof and offers volume. Do you want your eyelashes to look longer, denser and curlier? 

Here’s a list of some common mascaras which will help you to make a decision: 

Lengthening Mascaras 

This type of mascara can make your eyelashes look longer. The length of mascara is achieved with the addition of ingredient like fiber which is usually found on the tip of lashes. Try to choose mascara whose fiber does not fall apart after few hours of application. You can check the authenticity of fiber mascara such as younique 3d fiber lashes review by reading out rave reviews. 3D fiber lashes are in great demand and lots of people are using it.   

Volumizing Mascara 

Volumizing mascara makes your lashes look fuller. The high concentration of waxes in the formula offers fuller lashes. This type of mascara makes each lash look more prominent. 

Waterproof Mascara

This type of mascara is quite popular because it remains intact even your eye come in contact with water. If you have a habit of tearing or your eye area is oily then applying waterproof mascara is best for you.

Lash Growth Mascaras 

Generally, lash growth mascaras are transparent in color. Majority of lash growth mascaras claim to lengthen your lashes after continual usage. These types of mascaras are enriched with vitamins. Therefore, they are safe to use.