Different Types of Genetic Diseases

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There are several types of genetic diseases which differ from one another due to several reasons. One type of genetic disease is gene disorder. Genetic diseases which fall into this category are the result of a single mutated gene being in a person's genes. Genes can be mutated in numerous different ways. Some mutations are inherited while some are caused by environmental factors.

It is estimated that over 4000 diseases are genetic diseases in a single gene disorder type. Some examples include kidney conditions and Huntingdon's disease. If you think that you may be suffering from any such disorder then you must perform dna testing for genetic disorders

The other main category which genetic illnesses belong to is polygenic or complex disorders. These are disorders which, as opposed to single gene disorders, arise from combining several genes and environmental factors coinciding to bring about the outcome of an illness. The study of diseases which belong to the classification of polygenic is a lot more difficult due to the complex nature with their causes.

There are a number of ways that people can deal with genetic diseases. One sensible step for individuals to take is having genetic testing executed if they have a genealogy and family tree of a genetic disorder. This can help spot the warning signs from the early stages and will prevent an illness from showing symptoms before it truly is formally diagnosed.

People can also be tested to evaluate their likelihood of passing down genetic disorders and diseases to their offspring due to possible presence of carrier genes within their own genetic makeup and that with their partner.