Compensation Plans In Network Marketing Business

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Network marketing or also known as multi-level marketing is a business model in which product and services are sold to customers with the help of third person, known as distributors. It is a great opportunity for people who want to gain profit by sitting at home.

But this model is often criticized due to its method of marketing. But still there are many companies those are making use of reliable and safe techniques to market their product and services. You can read network marketing review online given by people who are into MLM field.

According to my experience I can say that this is a great business opportunity as one can gain as much profit as he/she want. Here I am discussing plans through which you will get compensation:

Matrix – in this plan, distributors are forced to heap the recruiters who are not sponsoring them. This plan limits the range of distributor’s class.

Binary – in this plan, distributor is compensating according to the units of sale. More the sales more will be the benefit.

Elevator – this plan make use of list in which each and every distributor has to pay in several product units. And according to the sales in each product unit, they are getting paid.