Compare Online Ticket Software System

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If you are thinking of selling tickets for your events online, now there are many different choices that you can consider. There are various options so that you can make a more informed decision about which system is best suited for you.

Online software for ticketing can be categorized into various distinct groups. 

Online Internet hosted system

A booking system hosted by a TicketManager in a ticketing company where the organization pays a per ticket fee on each ticket sold. The database is maintained by the hosting company, but the site operator normally has complete access to the database.

Ticket Software System

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PC based (offline) software

Online software that is installed on an organization's computer and is specifically maintained and operated by that organization. No online booking capability is provided.

Some organizations offer a hybrid type of system where online ability is offered as additional modules through the services of the same company or another organization. 

In such situations, you need to examine how well the system is integrated. The consumer database is directly connected to the database for the PC application, especially for online transactions.

PC based software with online ticket selling capabilities

Online ticket software that is installed on the organization's computer and provides the ability to enable buyers to reserve tickets online. The manager will also be able to process the booking through the online interface.