Choosing the Best Clay for Claymation

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It may seem to be a trivial task but choosing the best clay for your Claymation is a key factor to make a good stop motion clay cartoon. If you choose an incorrect kind of clay you will finish up being very frustrated and disappointed.

There are simply a few factors that you need to take into account in order to make sure you get the best results. I possess listed them out there here that you can use as a guide to choosing the best clay. If you have any query then you can also call our professionals and clear your all doubts.

dennis-pieces5.jpg (1525×962)

Kiln terminated Hardening Clays

This sort of clay has not a lot of utilization in claymation stop action. You generally require easily manipulated nonhardening clay to be able to computer animation your clay personas. This sort of clay is generally used for pottery work.

Non-Hardening Clay – Olive oil Based.

This form of clay is the one that is mostly used to make claymation characters. It really is generally oil established ( which is key ) to help you to make heroes that are often shaped and manipulated into the wide selection of positions had a need to animate in stop action.

Range Baked Clay

This sort of clay is very soft until it is cooked in a range. It may look enjoy it would be unsuited to avoid movement claymation as it hardens. Nonetheless, it is easily manipulated directly into mouthpieces and then solidified in a range to use in conversation or dialog for clay personas.