Can Surgery Provide Dry Eye Relief?

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If you are someone who suffers from dry eye symptoms regularly, you may be looking for a permanent fix to provide assistance for that condition. When your eyes are red, swollen, itchy, and painful, all you need to do is lie down and keep them closed.

Some people choose to have surgery or a medical procedure done in order to get long-lasting relief of the symptoms of this condition. Surgical procedures are effective, but not always necessary. Of course, it all depends on your particular situation.

For example, if you regularly suffer from dry eyes, your eye doctor can put a temporary or permanent silicone plug in the tear ducts so that the natural moisture in your eyes does not disappear faster, thus providing relief from the dryness of your eyes.

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The medical name for this "plugs" are the lacrimal plugs or punctal plugs. This procedure is not painful and the plug will not feel after they have been entered. Talk to your eye doctor about the different types of plugs that can be used to determine what may be the best for you.

Some people think that getting Lasik eye surgery will help them. This is a myth. Dry eye syndrome is often the result of Lasik eye surgery. If you suffer from the symptoms of these conditions on a regular basis, your eye doctor will most likely disqualify you for Lasik eye surgery.

As with any medical condition, be sure to consult a doctor before pursuing any form of treatment. The free guide is informative and reliable but it is not a substitute for professional medical advice.