Can Nigerian News Pertaining To Zakzaky Be Trusted?

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There are many websites that feature news pertaining to Sheikh Zakzaky who is a leader of one of the religious organisations belonging to the shiite minority group based in Nigeria. Sheikh Zakzaky has been kidnapped and held captive by authorities following action against his group a few years ago.

It was claimed that members of his group had blocked the way of the Nigerian army chief which resulted in the massacre of hundreds of people belonging to his organisation at the hands of the Nigerian army. The problem however is that any explanation given by the Nigerian army and reported by various nigerian news sources, is very difficult to trust as they may have been instructed by certain top level leadership to carry out such an act of massacre and then come up with an excuse blaming it all on his followers.

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It is important to note that none of the members of the shiite minority group has ever been involved in acts terrorism nor has there been any report of any organisation affiliated with the shiite minority to have been involved in terrorism. Even if they did, nothing can be used as an excuse to massacre the whole family of an individual or followers of a group or organisation including women and children who are unarmed.

To add to the whole nightmare, Sheikh Zakzaky is still being held by the government of Buhari and despite orders from the Nigerian high court for his immediate release, no action has been taken to abide by the court ruling. This only goes on to show that something is indeed fishy. Despite the whole incident, you will find a number of people supporting action against a person who is innocent and suffering at the hands of authorities governing Nigeria. This makes it entirely difficult to trust Nigerian news especially those coming from media houses affiliated with president Buhari.