Buying Fresh Fish for Seafood Recipes

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When shopping for fresh fish,  most people rely on local suppliers for high quality products. Sacrificing freshness is never acceptable, and even a little off products can ruin your meal. In case you are looking for seafood suppliers then check

Never settle for less than the best when it comes to seafood. Here are tips for choosing a fresh fish will help you make the best decision in the market:

Tips for Fish Shop

• Look for bright, clear eyes. Misty is a sign that the fish may be past its prime condition.

• Do the sniff test. A fresh fish should not have an unpleasant odor, or even smell "fishy!" The smell should be slightly salty and mild smell of fresh sea water.

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• Compare your choice. Look for differences in the same kinds of fish, such as discoloration or dull and choose the best of the bunch.

• Check the scales. Fresh whole fish should have bright, metallic scales that adhere tightly together. They should be free of mucus or slime.

• Check the gills. Gills deep red or pink are ideal and indicate freshness.

• Fish steaks should contain the meat is firm and not separated. packaging must not cause the steak to be bent in an unnatural position

• Keep cold. Request grocer to pack your fish on ice for you before you leave the store. At home, store the fish in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Freeze fresh fish is safe for no more than ten months.

Making the Most of Sea Bounty

• Substitute chicken seafood into your favorite recipes! Mild white fish can be used in place of chicken. Just remember that the cooking time will be less fish than chicken, so adjust accordingly.

• The mussels are a great substitute for meat in many dishes that traditionally use pork or chicken.