Business Security Cameras – When Are You Getting One?

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If you own a business of any kind retail, manufacturing, and any business with employees and/or inventory even office supplies you should have at least one security camera maybe more. Among other things, a security camera sends a message.

As a business owner or general manager, you want to keep honest employees honest and catch the dishonest ones. That means removing as many temptations from them as possible. One of the best ways to keep them honest is to get some security cameras.

There are several kinds to consider one or more could work just right for you. You can browse to know more about wide angle ptz camera.

The first choice is some kind of a security camera system. You can get anywhere from 4-16 cameras or more and use them both indoors. An extensive visible camera system sends a clear message to all that you are watching what is going on.

The cameras can be used indoors and outdoors as well. Systems come with everything included so you don't have to worry about what works with what.

Another option is the fantastic high-speed pan, tilt zoom (PTZ) dome camera. This technical marvel enables you to pan, tilt or zoom the camera from a PTZ control board or from your DVR. This camera can be used indoors and outdoors too but is especially good for exterior surveillance.

Another option is a new line of all inclusive hidden cameras with built-in DVR. They come looking like household or office items but inside is a camera and DVR. They record images on an 8 GB SD card. Playback is easy using the SD card or an included RCA cable for your TV.

Lastly consider the least expensive alternative an IP camera. This plugs right into your computer saving you money. They use an IP address to transmit images using Ethernet cable making it viewable from anywhere in the world.