Business Intelligence – Project Management Tips

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Good Business Intelligence will provide answers to your questions. Large Business Intelligence will answer the questions you want to ask. So how do you ensure that your great business intelligence? The first step is to develop a precise figure on what you want BI to deliver. Never lose track of the core idea: BI must provide answers to your questions.

Initially, we would suggest that you generate a list of dreams and desirables. Ignore whether the data is actually available in this first step. A good Business Intelligence professionals will often be information derived from existing data where it seems impossible – let them decide what is achievable and what is not.  

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It's very common for BI implementation to highlight the benefits for new streams of data to be collected and stored. With a wish list in hand, to negotiate with anyone who might have insight into your company's information store. Now is the time to keep track of information that anyone can keep track of their personal spreadsheets etc, it can all be reported and analyzed, and all can be beneficial.

If your company has a 'Database Administrator', they tend to be more aware of what data is available from others. The role of IT, administration and management involving elements of data collection, recording, and monitoring, so prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the scope of the existing data.