Biodegradable Bags – Helping The Environment

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Biodegradable bags are becoming extremely popular in many parts of the world along with many companies and organizations opting for these bags over standard plastic bags. The bags are much better from an environmental point of view because they are made to degrade over a short period of time compared to standard plastic carriers that last for many years and contribute to the accumulation of toxic chemicals in landfills.

There are two types of degradable bags made via and are now available on the market to save the environment. The first being biodegradable bags are made up of organic products. This bag is made from natural corn that once manufactured, starts to degrade slowly.

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The second type is a degradable carrying bag. It is essentially a plastic carrier bag which has a special agent added to it during the manufacturing process. This agent decomposes slowly the plastic over a long period of time that eventually turns into a vapor safe and dust without spreading any toxic product from it. 

These biodegradable bags are also great to use as a promotional tool. They can be printed and personalized with company logos and wording that are proving extremely popular for use at events and exhibitions. 

Most councils and government agencies began using biodegradable bags because of their ecological in nature. With the government actively promote environmental issues and solutions, they must be considered to operate in a more environmentally friendly themselves. There are many other ecological types of products on the market today that are used for domestic and commercial purposes.