Benefits Of Ozone Discectomy In Curing Spinal Problems

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Pain relief from ozone discectomy is good in the long term, and the effects usually last for more than a year or more. There are many benefits of ozone discectomy which are described below -

1> This is usually a daily procedure.

2> As this is a simple one-shot injection like a regular injection procedure, general anesthesia is not required.

3> Since this is only an injection procedure, you don't need to be admitted to a hospital / nursing home.

4> The best part of this method is its simplicity, which is why it can be performed on relatively unsuitable patients and the elderly.

5> It is best practice and hassle free that the complexity is close to zero. In addition, there is no long-term need for medical surgery, and further future treatment is easier compared to surgery.

Ozone Therapy is a natural powerful treatment & healing therapy that anyone suffering from a chronic or acute health condition should strongly consider.

In contrast to surgery, the structure is not prepared and only one needle is used. There is no chance of spinal adhesions or instability. Hence, the risks associated with ozone discectomy are zero.

This treatment can be seen as a natural remedy for treating slipped discs.

It is also becoming increasingly popular in India not only due to fewer hospital stays, less discomfort and postoperative morbidity, and very few side effects, but also because of its cost effectiveness.