Benefits of Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

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Anxiety and depression are common yet serious disorders. Therapeutic massage can help. Approximately 18 percent of adults suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder and approximately 10% have problems with some type of depression. These disorders may co-exist and are frequently treatable. 

Depression and anxiety can interfere in social functioning and contribute to an increased probability of unemployment, illness, and even death. They can play an aggravating role in additional health requirements and render an individual more susceptible to disease. 

Research has shown that massage therapy can have a favorable effect on both anxiety and melancholy. Ever since then, many studies have reported that massage can have a favorable impact on depression as well as anxiety. In reality, it's among the most consistently reported results of massage. You can buy a massage gun so that you can do massages by yourself. To know about the best Stryke Stealth Massage Gun you can visit online sources.

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State stress is a temporary reaction to a stressful circumstance. Trait stress is an ongoing, chronic state of stress. There are lots of specific anxiety disorders, such as panic and anxiety attack disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, etc.

Massage has been shown to have at least a mild advantage for both state and trait anxiety, and even a single session of massage may help to alleviate the symptoms of state stress. However, a string of massage sessions has been found to offer the maximum benefit and is apparently particularly beneficial for trait anxiety disorders.