Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Travel Bag

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Whether you are packing for a couple of weeks or a weekend getaway, you don’t have to say good bye to your gorgeous self. You can have all the beauty essentials while packing lightly. Everything you need from your hair to feet, we’ve got you covered.

Courtesy-Glitz Beauty Blog

Here is a list of beauty essentials that you must have in your travel bag:

1. Dry Shampoo

You might think why a dry shampoo, but let us tell you when you are out on a vacation you won’t be washing your hair every day. Getting dirt in your hair is inevitable so a dry shampoo is the best solution for making your hair fresh instantly. It deep cleanses the hair removing excess oil from the scalp.

2. Cleanser

As the climate and weather conditions change, our skin starts reacting. Packing your favourite cleanser in a small tube can help you make up for dry patches and skin care for night. You can also use it as a makeup remover; it will also clean your pores by removing dirt from your face.

3. BB cream with SPF

Instead of carrying a face primer, corrector, foundation and sun-block; you can pack a BB cream that has SPF in it. It will work as all the above mentioned products giving you a fresh and natural look. Several mineral makeup brands now have an array of creams that work as foundations and have SPF in it.

4. Lip and Cheek Tint

If you pack a lip and cheek tint you don’t have to carry extra blushes and lipsticks. A tint gives your face a flushed natural look.

5. Mascara

Water proof mascara can help you look effortlessly chic in just a matter of seconds.

6. Travel size fragrances and Deodorant

You don’t want to smell bad on your vacation, because you will be travelling, you will be sweating a lot naturally. So you will be needing these.

Whenever you are packing for a vacation always remember that you won’t need a lot of things and certainly won’t be using them. So plan ahead and pack according to the places you will be visiting.