Basic Facts About Polar Bear

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Polar bears live in such regions as they're well adapted to the cold weather and invest a lot of the season on or close to the open seas of the Arctic Ocean, where they search arctic seal below the ice.

Polar bears reside for the majority of the year around the sea ice, where they search for their prey, including seals, walrus fish, and calves – but a hungry polar bear will eat nearly anything. In the summertime when sea ice breaks up, polar bears will make their way on the soil in which their diet could consist of reindeer, berries, and birds.

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Nowadays, some people of polar bears are all increasing, while others have been endangered. Polar bears want the sea ice to search the Arctic seals that are their principal source of food. Without ice for the bears to search on, they must swim long distances to capture seals. Global warming has contributed to less sea ice, not as of this year and this is a really terrible thing for polar bears.

For Polar bear conservation, we start a campaign Wear With Purpose. We are not just a fashion brand, It is all about how can we save polar bear extinction to help fight against the negative impacts of climate change.

Global warming makes other issues for polar bears also – thawing of permafrost makes it tougher for bears to construct their winter dens and leaves them well insulated (even polar bears may get chilly!). Right now attempts are underway to produce polar bears a protected species – and it is about time! We think that it's a better planet with polar bears inside and not in a zoo or museum, however in the Arctic areas where these bears really belong.