Are You Prepared for Big Data?

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There's a great deal of buzz around Big Data along with the NoSQL motion nowadays and rightly so. The difficulties with information have basically been two-fold: locate cost-effective tactics to save ever-growing amounts of data and information, and discover ways to mine this information to extract significant Business Intelligence. Automated Marketing Intelligence is a data-driven platform that empowers users to solve business problems by offering online media monitoring & analysis.

Are You Prepared for Big Data?

This issue was compounded by the development of web 2.0 technology whose legion of faithful fans who will enter the countless millions of quantities of information every moment, and from the time you recognize that you've got gigabytes and terabytes of information in a single moment. Apparently, this requires quite radical departures in the present state of the art for data mining and storage technologies.

While conventional IT homes not of the net 2.0 stripe might not confront this type of property problems in regards to data storage, mining that information to get purposeful intelligence remains a work in progress and also a significant hassle regardless of what the magnitude of your Data Warehouse. So while you might not wish to be on the bleeding edge and also elect to get a grid-based MPP alternative for your ever-increasing storage requirements, you will definitely need to have a critical look in the emerging market and Heuristics have pushed data mining methods directed by Map/Reduce.

Map/Reduce may nevertheless be your killer program which may be the panacea for many of your Business Intelligence ailments. This is extremely serious stuff. If Google has bet its home on it and has made this the basis for their search technologies, then you better believe that this is quite strong medication.