Applications of Data Visualization

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New data visualization methods keep developing at a very rapid pace to serve various requirements but their essence is the same – to help understand complex data with ease. They help in categorizing & differentiating specific areas of interest, in short and snappy data & focusing on related parameters for overall analysis. Let us take a look at some of its major applications:

1. Reporting Applications - Reporting Applications are everywhere. They report everything from system performance to quarterly sales. Data visualization is as significant to reporting solutions as the back-end server would be. Right from plotting System Throughput in a System Performance Report to the Sales v Revenue figures in a Sales Report, charts and graphs help summarize heaps of data into easy digestible information.For the data visualization expert visit and get the expertise advice.

2. Network Monitoring Applications – Whenever we are talking networks, we are talking about an enormous number of log files, typically in the high thousands. Managing that high a number of log files is well….tough. But using data visualization, a network guy can get the overall picture at once & know what's right and what's not. Network monitoring presentations help in discovering, communicating & organizing logs and make extensive use of data visualization for it. Imagine when your Network Administrator sends nothing but a bunch of log files to the management – they will be left clueless until they see it in the form of charts.