An Introduction To Hair Transplant Surgery

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Hair loss has become a common problem among men and women. Everyone wants to look presentable and in that hair play a great role. But with the hair fall issues, no one will be able to get their desired look.

In order to deal with the hair fall, there is a lot of treatment available. You might have heard about hair transplant also.

It is the only permanent solution for fixing baldness with the current technologies. If you are eager to know about hair transplant procedure then you can know more about ‘transplantation of hair via’ (which is also known as ‘transplantasjon av hr via’ in the Norwegian language).

hair transplant surgery

You know that it is a medical procedure for growing hair. There are certain things that you should know about the hair transplantation:

  • Male pattern hair loss is a progressive state of hair loss with time, which means you might wind up with isolated regions. A similar difficulty is a consequence if you wind up with complex type balding. In this situation, hair transplantation is the best alternative.

  • The very first night of the operation, your scalp will feel sore in which the hair has been shot but the following morning it ought to feel much better.

  • You'll be asked to shampoo lightly each and every day for approximately 14 days post-op to eliminate the small scabs and crusts which will form about the implants as the healing process progresses. It requires about fourteen days to crusts to come off while some pits are removed at approximately 10 days.

  • Infection is really rare and recovery is quick since scalp has such fantastic flow. In case you have discoloration, pus, or fever people you should contact your surgeon.

  • The process may be repeated following a year as the entire scalp moves, so long as your physician says you have sufficient healthy hair.