An Introduction – Board Cameras

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Board cameras are very small in sizes which make them ideal for hidden cameras. You can use them as a normal surveillance camera or as a spy camera for public recording. This camera comes with pinhole lens, which is tiny in size. Pinholes are special as they need to be exposed to record. There are two types of pin-hole: flat and conical pinholes. Usually, flat pinholes are used for the film covering or fabric. On the other hand, conical pinholes are used for high posts or ceilings.

A pinhole camera is used as a hidden camera. Resolution of a pinhole camera is slightly lower than the standard board camera. Board cameras are based on technologies: Charge Couple Display and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. You can connect board camera to a TV, VCR or even personal computer. For more details, click here.

These cameras also come with wireless option, making use of batteries. Board cameras are a good option for vehicles. Their wide angle view can allow you to see all of the angles. These cameras require very low power to operate, cheap cost, easy to install and operation. However, these cameras have lower resolution and image quality. There are many choices available in hidden or board cameras in online market at affordable prices.