All About Roofing Structure and Its Installation

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The roof structure is called "roofing pie" indeed, the rooftop consists of various elements that create a powerful safeguard for homing. Each of the coating building layers performs its important role, whether that be noise insulation, moisture-proofing, or protection against heat loss.

During the roof's installation, it is essential to pay particular attention to the sequence of coats to ensure the effectiveness of their functions. You can also hire qualified roofing professionals to get the best roofing services in your area. 

List of basic elements used by roofing professionals are:

Warmth-keeping lagging

Roof-boarding material

Ventilation arrangement

Damp-proof membrane

Vapor sealing pellicle

Protection against wind

And many more other components.

Roof installation implies the creation of such a "pie", which at the final stage is covered with thatching or cladding, and, if important, is painted.

Material selection to obtain the desired hermeticity and durability is carried out with due regard to the roof's structure, climate characteristics, architectural peculiarities, building's designation, and pitch or flat. Furthermore, it is necessary to consider the degree of loadings imposed by winding, snow, and other atmospheric phenomena.

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Pitch roof installation

Pitched roofs with a slope of above 9-13 degrees are covered with various roofing materials, among which the most common are metal tile, flexible bituminous, profiled sheeting, sand tiles, and cement.

Roofing maintenance

Roof repair, and its type, is divided into capital and current. Current repair includes eliminating small defects in a coating such as depressurization of joints, bumps, cracks, and if important elements partial replacement. Major replacing roofing materials, old covering, restoration of installation of new coverage, installation of thermal insulations, painting, and roof structure.