All About Eyebrow styles through the years

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Like all beauty fashions and styles, the form of females’ eyebrows has altered over the years. Here’s a decade-by-decade appearance at how females have shaped, plucked and drawn their eyebrows to emphasize their all the sorts.


Throughout the time of actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn, a complete face of makeup was in fashion.  Brows were thick using a silhouette that was defined.

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From the ’60s, many popular actresses shaved their eyebrows off fully and penciled them with little, hair-like lines.  Sound familiar? You can also know about durability of microblading by clicking right over here.


Throughout the hippie movement of the ’70s, girls were about visiting natural.  Grooming the hair turned into a matter of the past and the requirement for a bra.  Women plucked much less and allow their eyebrows go crazy.


The fad in the ’70s lasted to the ’80s when dark, bushy brows were the rage.  You might recall Madonna, Brooke Shields, along with other actors rocking this appearance back afterward.


The ’90s blended individuals who held on the tendency out of the ’80s and people, such as Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson, who sported thin, curved eyebrows which matched the color of the hair.

Now’s Eyebrow Trends

From filler pens to dyes and hair which may be glued, it is safe to state that thick eyebrows return.  And as a result of the World Wide Web, we do not need to guess how actors are making this job.