A Plastic Surgery Case Study

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Ben Brown of Greenville SC was born with a cleft palate and hair lip.  These birth defects meant that Ben was unable to feed naturally, had significant abnormality in the shape of his lower face, including his mouth and nose and would be unable to speak clearly, if at all if not treated.  Significant reconstructive plastic surgery was required to provide Ben with any degree of normal, expected quality of life.

An extensive team of specialists ranging from plastic surgeons –most with particular expertise in different aspects of facial surgery, nutritionists, speech therapists, right through to counselors were required to develop an ongoing treatment plan for Ben with him and his parents.  This team was fortunately available in Greenville SC. 

Ben underwent a series of plastic surgery procedures to repair the cleft palate all before he was one year old.  It is essential that this be done before turning one to ensure that as an infant, his development was safe guarded as best as possible.  Care must be taken to ensure that the skin and tissue between the mouth and nose is intact and maintained and that healthy respiration and digestive function is ensured.  Ben’s treatment was highly successful due to the skill and professionalism of his medical team.  Most people would not now be able to detect this early abnormality. Anyway, you can hire a plastic surgery Greenville SC expert at affordable cost for better treatment.