Yoga Class Sequencing Tips

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For all Yoga exercises instructors, getting new ideas and perspectives for classes can be challenging. In the event that you teach Yoga exercises, week in and week away, it may begin to feel like you did the same course again and again. The main element to maintaining your Pilates classes unique, and challenging, is the sequencing.

By sequencing your classes in several ways, asana feel fresh, and new ideas stream easily. Understand that most Pilate’s classes maintain a linear series within the time, moving from easier in the warm-up, to more difficult, then back again to less complicate in the cool off.

Below are a few techniques for sequencing classes of most levels:

Collection around one main Yoga exercises asana

For example, you can give attention to Jana Sir’s asana, or Check out Knee Forward Flex. This cause would then be the culmination of the challenging part of the course. Browse to Know About the Different Techniques of Yoga.

Collection around several related Yoga exercise asana.

Poses that work the main, or backbends, or any other category are easy to series. Combine several preparatory poses, and then several asana, which meet those requirements.

Sequence around a concept that pertains to Yoga

This may be a seasonal theme, such as poses celebrating summer time. Maybe it’s a far more abstract theme, concentrating on opening the center, or personal flexibility.

It might also be a concept of reinforcement once and for all patterns, like “poses where it’s important to keep carefully the shoulder blades down,” or “improving balance.”