Wonderful Safari In Dubai

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Dubai, the land of plenty has indeed enough activities to please the heart and mind, leaving you with memories of a lifetime. Sun, sand and beach, the land of extravagance never misses a beat when it comes to entertaining tourists who visit Dubai.

The unique location of Dubai amidst sands of the Persian Gulf makes it ideal to enjoy a fantastic array of desert activities. You can also take advantage of Dubai evening safari via www.dubaidesertride.com/evening-desert-safarii/

It is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors and revel in some recreational activities. The surrounding wilderness gives tourists a chance to interact with the pure form of nature.

Dubai engages in many forms of eco-tourism activities where the adventurous will have plenty of things to do such as sand skiing, dune bashing in SUVs, quad biking, morning, evening or overnight desert safari and much more.

But camel riding is one such activity that has not received a good deal of prominence despite its popularity. Camels that are called Ships of the Desert due to their swaying movement are a popular means of transport across the barren region.

Well known for its ability to travel vast distances, camels can remain alive for days without drinking or having a morsel of food, by storing fat in their humps. For ages, the animal has been a man's best friend while he searched for oases and settling places.