Winterizing Your Patio Furniture

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When the warm summer months are almost over and you begin to see the leaves spinning and drifting to the ground, it is time to start preparing patio furniture for winter storage.

While it is always difficult to close that umbrella and admit that this is your last dinner on the terrace for this season, a little planning can ensure you will be able to enjoy your patio furniture set for years to come.

Most outdoor furniture is designed to withstand years of exposure to heat, rain, wind, and sun. However, hard ice, snow, and wind that generally arrive during the winter months can dramatically shorten the life of your patio furniture.


The following tips involve a little elbow oil and maybe some minimal purchases that will effectively minimize the wear and tear on your patio furniture during the winter months.

The type of furniture you have on your patio can determine the process you must use to prepare for winter. Various Patio Furniture Sets are available on the market, with materials ranging from aluminum to wicker. For the purpose of this article, the most common types of patio furniture have been included in tips to get you started.

If any of your patio furniture or furniture needs to be replaced, fall is the time to find great deals! You can add to your current set or consider new pillows, pillows, or other free items.

Making sure your furniture is clean before storing can help prevent staining and corrosion while allowing your furniture to come out to enjoy the first warm days once spring arrives.