Why You Should Select The Fast Forward Academy EA Review Course

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When choosing an enrolled agent course, you not only want to make sure that the provider has a refund guarantee, but also online testing software to help you pass the exam. While the refund guarantee is not absolutely necessary, it can be helpful for students who do not pass the exam on their first try. Courses like the fast forward academy ea review offer additional access to their course free of charge, for students who don’t pass the exam on their first attempt, which can add up to huge savings. For example, one course on the market charges students over $300 additional, if the student needs access to the course longer than a year.

Additionally, it cannot be stressed enough, how important having access to a database of test questions and testing software is. While physical workbooks are great at providing the test taker with a general overview of each section of the exam, testing software is really needed to test a students retention of the information he learned. Course like the fast forward academy, even allow students to take a full prep exam, so they know if they will pass the exam on their first try. Using the full exam prep software, gives students a pretty good idea of how they will do on the actual exam and if they need to study more.