Why Oktoberfest Is Celebrated In Kitchener

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Autumn is a season of new celebrations and colors. Oktoberfest is one example. This festival is the biggest in the world. The main event is held every year in Kitchener.

Oktoberfest lasts 16 days, from mid- or late September through the first Sunday in October. You can also hop over to this website if you want the best information about Oktoberfest in Kitchener.


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The fest can last up to 18 days if it falls on the 16th of October. This fair is an integral part of Bavarian culture. It plays traditional Bavarian music and offers lots of Munich beer. The event venue is home to many people in dirndls or lederhosen. These are traditional German attires.

Over six million beer enthusiasts and explorers visit the beer festival every year. If you're one of these people, we suggest you go to Oktoberfest at least once in your life!

Oktoberfest has its own rules and regulations. It requires that beer served at Oktoberfest must come from one of Munich's six breweries or it must meet the requirements of the purity law. This is to ensure quality.

Oktoberfest does not start in October, contrary to its name. Instead, it runs from mid- or late September through the first weekend of October. 

The festival was originally scheduled for October, but September has better weather, so the festival's original date was moved to September mid-September to allow more people to attend the fair.