Why Learning about Local Cultures Is Important?

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Learning about local cultures and traditions isn’t very high on lists of many youngsters these days.  Globalization has set up trends which focus more on homogeneity than diversity. Local cultures in countries like Australia etcetera are slowly becoming part of the globalized world. However it is imperative that this isn’t allowed to happen.



There should be more focus on the local aspects and traditions of countries. Native cultures in the Americas, Africa and Australia should be given importance so that local diversity is not forgotten. Not just this having this diversity around will help people in many ways.

Rather than stopping people from learning about them they should be integrated in national curriculums so there is more general acceptance. There is definitely a need for this because natives still often feel marginalized in society. There are organizations like Yarn Strong Sista which have made it their mission to educate people about Aboriginal Australia. This learning will indeed lend many benefits to society.

It will help children connect with the past, in the sense that the art, crafts and general culture of the indigenous people is a reflection of the ways of the old. This tradition will be lost if it is not taught to future generations. They will also be able to continue these proud traditions if they learn more about them. Otherwise these cultures will be lost to future generations. The great thing is that by learning them we can also share them, not just in our own home countries but also abroad, and teach other non-locals about them.

Teaching indigenous cultures should definitely be a priority.