Why is lithomex best for stone repair?

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Lithomex is a mixture of material that is based on natural hydraulic lime. This mix has been specifically formed for repairing of stone. There isn’t a solution better than lithomex to repair stones. Stones that get deteriorated or damaged need to be repaired. However, it’s important to understand the cause of damage or deterioration. Most common cause is moisture or wrong repairs done previously.

There are certain properties in cement which make it inappropriate to be used with stones. It’s advisable to choose lithomex over cement for repairing stones due to its absorptive and flexile properties. Thus, it is most suitable substance for stone repair and definitely a better option than cement.Identify the area that needs to be repaired and prepare it for repair. Lithomex stone repairs www.brickandstonerepair.com/sandstone-repair.html need some prior preparation so that you get proper results. First thing that you should do is clear the area that needs to be repaired by completely removing the damaged parts. Use pressure or a brush to clean the area completely and get rid of all dust and other materials in that area. The gaps that you create should be clean and make the area where lithomex should be applied needs to be damp.