Why are Forests Important?

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About one-third of land is covered by forests. Many species of plants and animals depend on the forest for their survival. But we humans do not allow this to happen for our purpose. This will harm us in the long run. Let us look at some of the reasons why forest is important for the best of our planet.

1. Control the Climate – We know for a fact that forest trees keep the temperature cool. On the other hand, urban trees keep buildings cool reducing the need of electric fans and air-conditioners.

2. Help us to Breathe – The most basic function of tree or plant is they absorb carbon dioxide and pump out oxygen. This oxygen is used by us to breathe. Forest trees helps in maintaining the level of oxygen while providing air.

3. Helps Other People – Millions of people still live near forests. They depend on native trees for basic needs such as cooking and keeping themselves warm.

4. Influence in Rainfall – Many forest trees influence change in weather patterns for rainfall. While other trees in the Amazon create their own micro climate for more regular rainfall.

5. Brings You Closer to Nature – Many rainforest locations offer various activities and sights. There are even amazing rainforest guest-houses or villas for tourists who wish to visit such secluded places. You can rest assured feeling yourself close to nature.

There are many rainforest retreats in Australia which can help you to understand the importance of growing more trees and rainforests.