What To Do When Served a Restraining Order

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Whenever you get a restraining order, there are a few factors to keep in mind to make certain that your rights and freedoms are protected. One of the factors to keep an eye on is to make sure you were properly served with the order. You should be informed that a restraining order exists and received the order from a police officer. 

Ensure that you fully understand your rights with respect to a restraining order hearing. The date to appear in court for the trial is usually printed on the back of the temporary restraining order that you are served. At the hearing is when a judge will make a decision on either to continue or terminate a restraining order against you.You can also look for california restraining and protective order search.

The affidavit from the complainant is normally read first and the judge will then question you if you are contesting the other side. This allows you to be capable of giving a testimony. However, if you have pending criminal charges or have a present criminal record, it is best to have a criminal defense lawyer with you during the hearing. The criminal defense lawyer will help you be able to draft a powerful testimony for the hearing. The judge will then make a decision where the restraining order will be terminated or the time period or conditions will be changed.

Regardless of what the ruling may end up being, make sure you are cautious on how you act and what you say while in court. The hearing is recorded and can be used against you in the future. And no matter what the judge makes a judgment on in regard to the restraining order, make sure you abide by that ruling.