What did You need to Know About Teeth Whitening?

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People are attracted to the idea of whiter teeth. Many people try to whiten their teeth at home with teeth whitening kits that promise the best but don't work. A trained dentist should perform teeth whitening. However, you should be aware of some important points before you proceed with the procedure. These are all listed below.

Teeth Absorb Like Sponges

Although you might not be aware of it, teeth have pores. They are similar to your skin or a sponge. If you place something in your mouth that has color, it is absorbed. It is a good idea not to eat dark fruits, smoke, coffee, or wine. These substances can stain your teeth. Also, you can check this out to learn more benefits of teeth whitening.

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Stains cause teeth to become darker over time. They will not become whiter naturally. They must be cleaned up. Here is where teeth whitening steps in.

Teeth whitening will not cause damage

Your teeth will be damaged by any type of abuse. This includes excessive brushing. The dentist can perform professional teeth whitening if they are properly trained. Active ingredients are used during the procedure to make it easier for stains to be removed. The teeth then naturally rehydrate and remineralize.

After teeth whitening, tooth sensitivity is normal

More than 50% of people are naturally sensitive to their teeth. These sensitive teeth are often due to genetics, damaged teeth, cracked teeth, and thin enamel. It is normal for teeth to become sensitive after teeth whitening procedures have been performed.

Because teeth become temporarily dehydrated, this is normal. This sensitivity usually disappears within 36 hours. To nourish and promote rehydration following teeth whitening, post-whitening fluoride treatments should be used.