Weight Loss Products: Should I Order Here On The Internet?

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I am looking to purchase a weight loss product that will help me drop a few stubborn pounds from my mid-section and will also help me develop more muscle. No matter what I eat, and how much I work out, those last few pounds aren’t budging. I have seen a lot of different products available and I was thinking of placing an order here on the internet for something I saw an ad for. Do you think it is safe to order weight loss products on the internet?

I typically do most of my shopping at stores I know and feel are safe and reliable to purchase from, however, the prices that I am finding online seem to be much cheaper than what I have seen in stores. I have looked at products in places like GNC and other vitamin stores. I have also looked at small independent stores that sell this type of product.

Prices on the internet seem even cheaper than I have found at Target and Walmart though. I am wondering what the consensus is on ordering this type of product online. Is it worth it, is it safe, and can I be sure that I am getting the best price on my purchases?

I am also interested in an immune system booster so I can improve my endurance and work out longer and more effectively.