Using Online Directories to Find a Local Advocate in HSR Layout

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Until a few years back, if i had to find an advocate in HSR layout, I always had to look through local directory books. I had quite a few of them with me. Yellow Pages was the most popular one and it was my first choice of preference too. But, looking through the pages of Yellow Pages or a similar directory book was a tedious process. It was physically exhausting and time consuming.

Things have changed for good these days with the advent of online directories. Even Yellow pages has gone online. But, Yellow Pages is not so big in India. There are many online directories which help better in finding a local advocate in HSR layout. Just Dial is the most popular online directory in India. Others like Sulekha are decent as well.

It doesn’t make sense anymore to go through the pages of local directory books to find a local advocate when there are good online options. More often than not, these directory books would have outdated information. Nowadays, nobody cares about updating these books. But that is not the case with online directories. They are regularly updated. You can find a good local advocate with the help of online directories within a short span of time.