Types of Wall Covering

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Most non-experts who will redecorate their homes are often surprised to learn that different types of wallpaper are distinguished by patterns and colors. In fact, wallpaper is often made from a variety of different materials and installed using different methods.

Choosing the wallpaper that best suits your home is likely to be the most difficult part of the whole process. You not only have to choose the ideal design, color or style; however, you also need to take the time to choose the type of wallpaper that suits you the most.

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You might still find common wallpapers that elegantly enhance the look of older homes, but this type of paper is not preferred because it tends to be more difficult to install. As such, vinyl wallpaper has become a versatile alternative that is often found in home improvement.

Vinyl wallpaper is usually quite easy to work on because it won't stick by itself and will be resistant to cleaning and moisture exposure. Besides being versatile, vinyl wallpapers are also available in a variety of styles and colors.

Foil wallpapers are becoming more common with designers nowadays. Especially when used in little spaces, foil wallpaper can add interesting design elements. Although not as long-lasting as vinyl wallpaper, foil wallpaper is available in several designs.