Two-Level Truss Design For Your House

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Don't you think about the truss design if you are going to build the two-level house? Yes, it is absolutely important. Since the two-level house needs a high structure of the house, it is necessarily important for you to look at its design.

Some people try to build a two-level house by using the high pillars for the foundation and establish the second floor by stone. You can also look for newcastleframentruss for truss designs.

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The result will show us that there are two foundations, which will spend your money as much as it is. The main point is how you can arrange the truss design.

Measuring the Size of House

Firstly, you need to know how many square meters that your house will spend on the ground. After measuring it, you need to calculate the expense of material in order to establish the foundation of the first floor and the base-floor for the upper floor. So, you will have a simple truss design for the main roof.

Truss Design for Balcony

But then, how can you enjoy the second floor? This is the hardest thing that you should prepare. Built parallel from the main roof, you have to destroy the bay (space between web joints) in between the web and bottom chord.

Now, you have to build the span for the balcony's roof between the overhang and angle spot of bay and web. Simply, you are building a small main roof in the empty part. By doing this, you can save some money rather than build a large balcony.