Try Something a Little More Exotic in Bangkok, Thailand.

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I lived in Thailand for many years and I have had the opportunity to see and do some truly fantastic things. I have created memories that will live with me forever, though of all the things I miss about Thailand…I miss the food the most! And I don’t just mean Thai food; living in Bangkok is a wonderful place to be as there is simply so much variety. Everywhere you look there is food from all over the world available to you, from Indian, Italian, and Arabic to American. Whatever you desire; Bangkok will surely provide.

Bangkok is truly a unique place and stands out among most charming and exciting cities in the world. I can even now recall when I initially touched base in Bangkok, I didn't know where to look I was so overwhelmed with fascination. It was the endless sprawl of Bangkok Street food vendors that truly got me snared. Food for miles and miles and miles! While strolling down the walkway you'll be impacted with powerful fragrances that will constantly compel you to consume delightful nourishment.

While there are a lot of lavish and expensive spots around Bangkok dealing out beautiful Thai food, it is the humble street food carts that let you in on local people's mystery – the 'street food' is often equally as delicious if not better at a fraction of the price! Merchants offer well known dishes commonplace to westerners like Pad Thai and in addition irregular side dishes and local delights. In the event that you can't read the menu, take after your faculties and point to what looks great. You never quite know what you may discover and you can fill your gut for only a few quid, or of course Thai baht.

Street food vendors are dotted all through the city and are generally jumbled together near markets or business sectors. While numerous street carts and markets are open throughout the day, indulging the 9-5 workforce at breakfast and lunch, some open just during the evening. While you're more than welcome to get your food to take away, it is much more exciting to sit down and enjoy your food roadside while you watch the world go by.

From time to time it is nice to try something a little different however. When you are living and working in Bangkok, the Thai street food is generally your regular diet and can at times grow a little bit tiresome despite how delicious is truly is. It is a good job that there is simply so much choice available to you so when you feel like a change, you need only walk out your door and look around you.

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