Tips on Interviewing a Construction Lawyer

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When it comes to hiring a professional and a competitive construction lawyer, it is best to have a face-to-face meeting. However, if you don’t have the time or are not comfortable with meeting them personally, you can always use your phone to ask a few questions. This will give you the confidence whether to go ahead with the next step of hiring the construction lawyer. Ask these set of questions.

  1. Have you handled a case similar to mine? – If they answer yes, then move ahead with the next question. Your next question should be; what was the outcome or was it a win or loss?
  2. Do you charge any type of consultation fees? – If they answer yes, then ask the lawyer whether they charge you on an hourly basis or have a flat fee.
  3. How is the mode of paying the fees? – You need to know whether the lawyer will accept their fees either by cheque, cash or online. Moreover, this is the perfect time to ask them for any type of discount.
  4. Are you alone looking at my case? – if yes, it’s fine. However, if they say no then you need to ask them whether they will be handling your case to their subordinates. Make sure you have clear communication from the beginning.
  5. How often are we going to talk? – Another important thing is to have a smooth and clear communication from the beginning of the case.

These are a few ways of interviewing construction contract lawyers.