The Women’s Kiss Band Costumes

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The Kiss Band Costumes are not just for men but for women as well. They have a long list of these costumes.  Among the list is the Women's Kiss Catman Costume. This costume is a dress with silver printed graphics in the sides and then the neckline has a silver trim. There are two layers of the skirt, the other is longer and the other is shorter. It is also accessorized with a black Velcro belt, a wig, a mask and a catwoman make up. Another kiss costume for women is the Women's Spaceman Costume. This costume is made up of a black dress with polyester and a silver neckline. It is also accessorized with a Velcro belt, a black wrist covers, and a silver boot covers. The Womens Kiss Demon Costume is actually a female version of the man's kiss costume. It is basically a gene Simmons look. Other famous costumes are Kiss Starchild costume, Kiss Demon Costume and a lot more, you cah check them out at

Are you having a hard time preparing for your child's costume? We parents do not really want to spend a fortune just to buy our children's costumes for the party. If you are out of budget, try the KISS band costumes. Let us start with the hair. The band is known for its black and shiny long hair. You do not need to dye the hair of your child. You simply need a black wig for them to wear. The KISS always wears black. It is but common to have a black shirt or black leather pants. You do not have to buy tight jeans, any simple black pants and shirt is enough.  What you need now is to paint the face similar to that of Simmons or Stanley. All you need is black and white paints, no more other colors and voila! You now have you very own costumes inspired by the American rock band the KISS.