The Overview Of How British Residents Can Apply For Australian Visa

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Recent statistics show that the United Kingdom is home to the highest number of Australian visa applicants. It also has one of the largest permanent settlements in Australia. For Brits thinking the same, here is a guide to how to get into Australia.

It is almost the same process as for other countries. This is a simple process if you travel often. You can also apply for the Business & Investment Visa Programs for Australia  with the help of an immigration agent.

Here's a list of things you can do to secure your visa.

To apply for your visa, you must visit the Australian Embassy in London. These are also known as the High Commissions in the UK. This will prevent you from being confused later. Strand is home to the High Commission of London. 

Many British citizens apply for a working visa. This visa is often sponsored by their employer. It is important to determine whether you will need a visa to enter Australia for the job that you are applying for. 

The tourist visa is another common visa many Brits get. This visa is for people who just want to spend a few days in Australia. This one is also very easy to obtain. Simply go to the Australian Embassy and you will receive your passport within one to two working days of submitting your application.