The Importance of CPR Training in Geelong

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The basic life support method is called cardiopulmonary rescue. This is the procedure that provides artificial circulation and respiration to sustain life for a person whose heartbeat or breathing has stopped. CPR is often performed on a drowned or collapsed person, particularly if pulse and respiration are absent.

CPR training can save lives. If blood flow to the brain is reduced, oxygen will be cut off. Brain cells can die if they aren't getting enough oxygen. CPR training through will enable one to give rescue breaths and compressions to the brain to maintain oxygen supply. Experts estimate that half of all heart attack victims can be saved by CPR if they are started early


Who can give cardiopulmonary rescue?

Did you know you can perform CPR in an emergency situation? CPR can be provided by anyone, even if you are a professional in medicine. Anyone can give CPR, provided he has completed CPR training or has received a standard first aid course.

Before you give CPR, take quick actions

1. You should inspect the area if you come across a victim that has fallen. Examine the area. Move the person to safety if the area is unsafe.

2. Assess the victim. Tap the victim's shoulder. Verify that he is awake.

3. Before you give CPR, make sure to assess the victim's airway, breathing, and pulse.

Circulation (ABC). Watch the victim's chest. Does it rise or fall? Check his pulse. Examine his mouth for obstructions. If the patient's pulse or breathing is not normal, it is time to start CPR.