The History And Evolution Of Eyeglass Retainers

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Any attempt at a relevant history of eyeglass retainers should begin with Cause. The need for eyeglass Retainers came about because eyeglass wearers found themselves at a very Uncomfortable position: their eyeglasses always slipped down their faces.

But why do eyeglasses slip in the first place? Below we list and go briefly into the top twelve reasons: If you are looking for the best eyeglass store in long island then you can simply or other similar sources

Fitted or non-fitted eyeglasses – For people who are able to spend upwards of a thousand bucks on a set of quality eyeglasses, improperly-fitted eyeglasses are not a problem.

In these instances, a veteran optometrist or eye care specialist carefully consider the shape of your mind, the placement of right and left ear, making alterations to the frames using special tools and heating devices to customize them to your personal comfort.

The fitting procedure often takes approximately 10-15 minutes and consequently, your glasses sit properly in your head. While such cautious fitting does rule out slipping glasses in most situations, individual factors like physical and perspiration activity still cause eyeglasses to slide regardless of how expertly the glasses were fitted in the first place.

Inexpensive quality eyeglasses – And then there's the rest of us. The majority of us opt for cheap glasses, bought from low-end stores or possibly online where fitting is either not done correctly or not done in any way. As a result, eyeglass slipping is prevalent.

Deformed eyeglasses – Daily wear and tear causes glasses to be deformed especially for kids and teens with their rough and tumble modes of presence such as being struck at the eyeglasses with a chunk or negligently sitting one's eyeglasses.

As a result, the child corrects any deformities with brute force inducing the eyeglasses to be out of shape, but still functional. If not, a parent helps bend the glasses back into shape, either because the process of bringing the eyeglasses to an eyecare practitioner is too inconvenient or impossible (like if with eyeglasses bought online). In any event, the result is exactly the same. Glasses that are deformed and guaranteed to slide.

Abnormal head Form – We would all like to think we are perfect and that our skulls are totally egg-shaped but the fact is that no two skulls are equally. These differences lead to different levels of eyeglass slipping.